Wednesday July 11, 2007

Bandit Trans Am to be built soon. The Bandit is Back
    Year One and Butler Performance got together with none other than Burt Reynolds to build a special edition Trans Am. Year One, Inc. is planning to build between 10 and 50 of these cars ranging from Bandit I to the Bandit III, depending on the options. Be a part of Bandit history and check out the website at or just click the link below.

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Saturday May 26, 2007

Erin Brokovich represents SWTA Erin Brokovich Represents SWTA
    There are many women that work in ways to save the muscle cars that we love, but few have simultaneously tried to save the planet from the effects of fossil fuels. Of course you've heard of Erin Brokovich, the V.P. of Environmental Affairs for Save the World Air. I met her at the 2006 SEMA Show at a Press Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her heart is really in to both causes, but the proof is in the product. STWA Performance has a product line called the MAGCharR™ which is a bolt-on part that guarantees increased power, greater fuel economy and while also decreasing emissions. STWA's utilizes breakthrough 'flux field technology' to manipulate the physical properties of gasoline to achieve this seemingly impossible feat. This pioneering research has been independently validated by a rigorous research study performed by a world renowned non-profit research and analysis think tank. In fact, SWTA technology's astonishing results in emissions reduction, fuel efficiency improvement and performance enhancement have been certified the world over by government and privately owned laboratories.

There are MAGCharR™ applications that will work on virtually every vehicle; carbureted or fuel injection, four wheels or two, on land, in the air or on the water!

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Thursday May 24, 2007

Ashley Force wins against Dad, John Force The Wait is Over
    Ashley Force won the first father & Daughter bout in NHRA history at the Southern Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia. She also tied the Best Funny Car Effort by a woman by going to the semi-finals. Ashley said she is going after her Dad and she emerged victorios. Great Job Ashley!

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Sunday May 20, 2007

Once Upon a Wheel The Snake & The Mongoose
    The Snake & The Mongoose are racing again! This time on a new DVD called Once Upon a Wheel. The 67 minute film includes historical footage of the glory days of Don "The Snake" Prudhomme and Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen. To purchase your copy call 800-To-Snake or visit the official website below.

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Friday April 20, 2007

Remembering Eric Medlen Force Racing Mourns Loss of Team Mate
    Muscle Cars Live would like to send our prayers out to the Eric Medlen Family and John Force Racing Team for the loss of Eric. When we were at the SEMA show last year, we had the chance to meet Eric and Ashley and take their photo together. I also met one of Eric's childhood friends there who mentioned what a special person Eric was and what a blessing it was to have such a good friend. I really appreciated Eric letting us take a photo, but that was the way he was with all of his fans. Eric will be sorely missed by all of the Auto Racing community.

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Thursday April 19, 2007

Sox and Martin Inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame Sox & Martin Inducted
    The Pro-Stock team of Sox & Martin will be inducted in the 2007 Motorsports Hall of Fame in Detroit, Michigan in August. I know the late Ronnie Sox will be in all of our hearts when it happens.

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Thursday February 8, 2007

Jeannine Johnson sponsored by Microsoft Vista Jeannine Johnson Sponsored by Microsoft
    As if women were not already bring fresh attention to the sport of drag racing, now sixteen year old Jeannine Johnson, from Puyallup, Washington, just signed a sponsorship to promote the Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System in 2007. She met Bill Gates and the Vista Team in person at the company headquarters in Redmond, WA.

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