Friday January 8, 2010

Ashley Force, Trey Fanjoy, and Krista Marie Tomboys
    Rising country star Krista Marie has a new hit single called "Tomboy." The music video includes Ashley Force Hood racing in her funny car. Ashley has a huge fan in Sir Elton John. Maybe he'll come play a NHRA Drag Race some time. Pictured: Ashley Force Hood with video director Trey Fanjoy and country newcomer Krista Marie for the video shoot of Krista's "Tomboys" single. (Photo courtesy of Campbell Entertainment Group)

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Wednesday January 6, 2010

Conrad Kalitta's Barbecuing the Bounty Hunter DVD Barbecuing The Bounty Hunter
    In 2009, Kalitta Motorsports is celebrating 50 years of drag racing by team owner and drag racing legend Connie "the Bounty Hunter" Kalitta. Over the past 50 years, Kalitta, who has been involved in the sport as a driver, tuner, and as an owner, has dedicated unequalled amounts of time and resources to building one of the most successful teams in the history of auto racing. Kalitta Motorsports has won five world championships and over 50 national event titles in five different drag racing sanctioning bodies since it was established by Connie in 1959.

To commemorate this important anniversary, Connie Kalitta has released a DVD called "Barbecuing The Bounty Hunter," which is a lot of fun and can be purchased at the Kalitta Store website listed below.

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Tuesday January 5, 2010

Merrill Ice Draggers Ice Drag Racing?
    Ice Drag Racing is for real in Merrill, Wisconsin. It may sound like a new sport but Merrill Ice Draggers, Inc. was founded in 1965. This is extreme Drag racing, so if you want to have fun and freeze your Axle off, visit the Merrill Ice Draggers website and register to run where the water is definitely thicker than blood.

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Monday January 4, 2010

Rolling Stone Restaurant and Night Club Rolling Stone Opening Night Club
    Rock & Roll music has and always will be a major part of the muscle car mystique. Rolling Stone Magazine plans to open a restaurant and night club in Hollywood, CA called The Rolling Stone Outpost which will include a large restaurant and bar.

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Friday January 1, 2010

Jim Wangers, The Father of The GTO Jim Wangers: Father of The G.T.O.
    The legendary "ad man" for Pontiac and the marketer behind the Pontiac GTO and several other Pontiac specialty cars, Jim Wangers helped establish the "musclecar" of the Sixties to it?s rightful niche in the history of American car marketing. No, he didn?t invent the GTO. That credit goes to John DeLorean, Russ Gee and Bill Collins, but Wangers was certainly the man who created the mystique that surrounds America?s original musclecar, the Pontiac GTO. Now that many of the folks who were teenagers when the GTO first came out in 1964 are older and wealthy enough to afford near-perfect restored versions of their dream machines, Wangers is more well-known and more in-demand than ever. So, keep the Pontiac alive and visit Jim's website where he has some great books, art, and DVDs.

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Monday December 28, 2009

Van Nuys Cruise Association Cruise Nights Van Nuys Cruise Is Back!
    The famouse Van Nuys Boulevard Cruise is scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of every month. After 28 long years, cruising returned to Van Nuys Blvd on Wednesday, June 10, 2009. We at Muscle Cars Live are happy to see it return. lets hope that the people don't do anything stupid this time and the businesses and authorities are behind this commerce-generating cruise.

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Tuesday December 22, 2009

NHRA, The First 50 Years NHRA, The First 50 Years
    The NHRA has some great DVDs coming out of the sport in the past. The Newest DVD is the first 50 years of drag racing. Visit the NHRA website for this DVD and a complete listing of their expanding library.

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